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Art Teacher Receives Award

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"There are no mess-ups, only creative solutions."  This is Ms. Boller's favorite saying. Cassandra Boller is the art teacher at Heather Hills Elementary. She wants her students to realize that as artists, mistakes can become a challenge and a new direction.  This is just one of several reasons that local business, Office Depot, honored this elementary art teacher.  Ms. Boller received her award On October 6th with students and staff in attendance.  Ms. Boller incorporates art, learning, and fun to create an atmosphere all children can succeed.  Students not only get experience working with many different art techniques, but also learn about different cultures.  Ms. Boller explores world cultures through her units on Mexico's Day of the Dead and the Harlem Renaissance. As part of her award, Ms. Boller received many supplies from Office Depot including a digital camera, a printer, a chair, art materials, paper and other office supplies.  Heather Hills is proud to have this exceptional teacher as one of its own.

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